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Find out more about our locksmith company on our FAQ page. Read our frequently asked questions for more information about our locksmith services.

To determine if a locksmith is qualified and insured, make sure to request their identification and business card as soon as they arrive. This is a crucial step in verifying their credentials.

A trustworthy locksmith will always be prepared to provide evidence of insurance. Another aspect to look for is if the locksmith is DBS-checked. This is further assurance that they have a clean record, with no past criminal offences. Ensure you choose a service that prioritises safety and professionalism.

Locksmiths are professionals who offer many services crucial for both safety and security. These services include emergencies, domestic and commercial services and vehicle locksmithing.

You may need lock repairs, key duplication, lockout services, or secure installations. At Centaur Security, we deliver all these services, ensuring high quality and customer satisfaction.

The cost of locksmith services isn't always the same due to several factors. These can include the type of service needed, your location, the time of the service, and any additions that may be necessary.

Locksmiths will charge an initial call-out fee with the price of the services they complete. At Centaur Security, we aim to keep our rates not only affordable but also transparent. Many locksmiths assure customers that there are no surprise costs or hidden fees.

You should expect your locksmith to have the necessary tools and supplies. To start with, they will check your locks to understand the problem you're facing. They'll then communicate the problem to you and propose the most effective solution.

A professional locksmith, such as those at Centaur Security, will go a step further to reassure you. They will display their qualifications and experience. Locksmiths provide an upfront quote for the job. Doing so ensures clear communication about the expected cost.

The arrival time for a locksmith could vary depending on the distance of the locksmith from your location. Keep in mind that possible traffic conditions could also impact this. An emergency locksmith service aims to be at your location within a time frame of 30-60 minutes. That way, they can handle your lock concerns as quickly as possible.

Yet, it's always recommended to verify the approximate time of arrival when you make your call. Various uncontrollable circumstances such as extreme weather conditions may also affect service times.

There are a multitude of factors that can affect the cost of locksmith services. The kind of service you need can impact the final cost. For example, a simple lock change is often cheaper than a more complex security system installation.

Additionally, the complexity of the task and the specific parts required for the job can make it more expensive. The time of day or night you need the service can also alter the rates. Providing services at odd, non-business hours may result in an additional fee.

At Centaur Security, we aim to be transparent and honest in our pricing structure. Our pricing varies because we customise our services to meet these unique factors present in every job we undertake.

Recognising a dishonest locksmith may involve various factors. One might be to look out for suspiciously low prices, which can show substandard services. Another warning sign could be the absence of identification. Any professional locksmith should readily provide a form of ID. A refusal to provide an upfront quote is another red flag.

Genuine service providers should be ready and willing to discuss prices before work begins. If there isn't a physical business address, or if the locksmith does not have a reputable website, it can be a sign.

In contrast, Centaur Security has a dedication to honest dealings and high-integrity services. We deliver professional services that meet the standards of the highest certifications. Trust, credibility, and quality are our priorities.

The duration required to unlock either a door or a car can often depend on the difficulty of the lock involved. A professional locksmith can unlock a standard lock within at least 5 to 15 minutes.

Yet, higher-end locks with a more complex design and security features might take more time to effectively unlock. This extra time is necessary to ensure the lock isn't damaged in the process. More time can be spent with vehicles to ensure the quality isn't compromised.

If you have lost your house keys, a broken lock in your office, or been locked out of your car, you often need the services of a locksmith.

When you have a working lock or you wish to improve your home or business security system, you must seek professional help.

Expert locksmiths deliver solutions designed to address your unique security needs. We use quality equipment and proven techniques to ensure all your security problems are taken care of. 

From fixing locks, and key replacements or performing security upgrades, locksmiths carry out many jobs. Our company covers a broad range of locksmith services efficiently and reliably.

A skilled lock specialist can gain access to a lock without needing to replace it in its entirety. They achieve this by using advanced tools and specialised knowledge to ensure minimal damage. It's a skilled process that involves manipulating lock components.

There may be circumstances that need the complete replacement of a lock. These situations involve complex, high-security locks or locks that have gained significant damage. Here, there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution; the approach differs depending on the lock and the issue at hand.